Wastelands of White (Christmas Ghost III)

Wastelands of White
(Christmas Ghost III)

Long time gone
And world’s away
We embraced the Stars
In the beauty and light
Of ages passed
And memories of gold
And watched a world
Transformed by good

But the road grew dark
Through a thousand nights
And wandered far
From the stories once told
Tales full of wonder
Alive with the truth
Now hard to remember

Like so many faces
lost in the crowd
Traditions in fragments
Shrouded by fog
Pieces of stained glass
Lying upon the ground

This is the ghost
Come in from the storm
White as the snow
From which it was made
Looking for something
That has become lost
Amidst frozen horizons
And wastelands of white
Where once there was warmth
And wealth of Spirit
When the heavenly realms
Drew near our homes

Waiting in silence
For the joy to begin
To again hear Angels
Sing upon the wind
And the extraordinary color
Of myriads of lights
Peace and forgiveness
Good Will towards all
At this time of all Times
To rekindle the fires
Upon the hearth
In this season of seasons
On this holiest of nights



Have you seen me?

In the night, in the dark
By the streetlamps, abandoned cars

We have spoken

In the allys, in the streets
In vacant desert lots

Did you hear my voice?

In the distance, on the wind
In the sun, the pouring rain

Or feel me touch your hands?

Pray for summer in the blizzard
For Warmth in the dead of winter

I offer understanding
Consolation reimagined
Meaning redirected
Purpose wrapped in life

Have you given away your reason?
Your substance or your time

Everything has its season
It’s reason and it’s rhyme

Can you read the message?
Written on your walls
Answering the call

Do you feel the expectation?

creation is still waiting
For the moment, for the day

That you find the way

catch a glimpse of meaning
And step into the light

Solstice Carol


Reminiscences of Christmas
Under the palest winter sky
Painted in a watercolor sunset
Upon the clouds of another time

As the years have come together
And wrought our storied past
Through loss and love reliving
The shadows our memories now cast

But the spirit and the essence
Of the coming hallowed day
Can never be diminished
But in a million stars displayed

Through a score and two thousand
And a thousand more, perhaps
The beauty is in the telling
Of that which shall ever last

So to this reflective evening
And to this holiest of days
We submit all our deepest dreaming
To the light of Christmas day

Knowing that this is forever
Held in a sacred place
Deep within our heart of hearts
Where eternity is embraced

The Traveler.

Lost In Thought

‘There is a dark side to much in this world and within that there lie darker sides still. There are dark sides to much of our hearts and within those, darker still.

However there is also an almost incomprehensible beauty all around us and in us. Sometimes when faced with the dark around you, you must turn to face the beauty inside you. Other times you’re faced with the dark inside you and you must turn to face the beauty all around you.
That…or be consumed by the darkness; in turn transforming what little hope remained into naught but despair.

No one really wants that. We all desire beauty. Each of us holds a special place for hope in our hearts. When we lose hope, or become those struggling to see beauty and light, we’ve simply been staring at the darkness too long.

I’ve been told there is only darkness…

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Feel the stillness of the hours
The fragrance of times ago
Twilit memories
Filled with dreams
Floating gently on the wind
Lost longings
For longings lost
Like a sunset through the trees
painted in watercolor
over another scene
Or the slowly circling mists
That open softly on the moon
Tinged often with regret
That all was left far too soon
Never again to wander
Upon these hallowed paths
Down towards the water
To embrace the sea at last
gazing at the night
With one last loving glance
To fall amidst the waves
And press the sands of time
Forever into daydreams
Upon these silent shores

The last Solstice

This pretty much wrote itself.



The last solstice

It’s winter in the east
And snow drifts upon the great wall
There’s a chill in the air around Nagasaki
As our hemisphere looks away from the sun
Into the starry oasis of the night
The decades have come to rest here
Full with the memories of years
Clouds drifting along the stratosfear
In canyons of dreams and visions
And we have sat enthralled
Never begrudging the tyranny that beauty holds over our hearts
Nor the longing written into the soundtrack of our lifes
The watercolor wash of the decades have had their way
And I am the better for it.
And though strangers we remain
I take my leave with a grateful heart
Upon which your songs will forever play

For Edgar Froese

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Raining Worth.

Lost In Thought

‘She watched the rain as it gently pattered down on the cobblestone around her feet. All was quiet and calm, as if the entire world had gone to nap.
“Does it ever go away?” She asked without looking up. He looked at her, slightly smiling. He thought back to being that age. So much uncertainty. So many different paths to ponder.

He let out a sigh as he considered his answer.
“I suppose you mean the overwhelming uncertainty, the unnerving feeling that your time is running out; full well knowing you have more time than the rest of us. Not understanding who you are or what you’re supposed to do with that when you figure it out.”

She glanced up at the grey clouds, nodding. Her eyes held many questions and struggles she had yet begun to sort through.

“No.” He said, responding to her nod. “At least, not significantly…

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