Ever watch a comedian fall flat? It seems like the punch lines just don’t land where they should. Or how about a live band that just isn’t ‘tight’? You know where I’m going with this, right? It’s timing of course. And we’re all subject to it. Think about your average day. Or how about when you were in the right place, but at the wrong time? There’s a rhythm to life, both physically and spiritually. Which brings us to Gods’ timing, and His timing is pretty much everything. Part of human nature is to want to get up, get out and get going. To be Idle is to feel useless. But  let’s think about this for a minute; God has a purpose for your life. He has plans for you, to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future. No, He’s not going to do everything for us, but we need to be sensitive to his TIMING. Go when and where He says to go. Stay when and where He tells you to stay. And this is something I’m STILL learning! But hey, If you are really following Jesus, then you are still learning too. You always will be. But we are also called to lead. All Christians are leaders (that’s a subject for another blog…). We need to rise up, and show the world where It’s at. We need to be excited. We need to be passionate. But we also need to be aware of Gods’ timing. There is a movement of God coming that is going to completely blow our minds. We need to be ready to move when and where He says. We need to be on the same page at the same time. In our daily activities, at church, or at our jobs, there’s a bigger picture. Listen for it. Look for it. Are you ready?



  1. The questions are for me this: How do you know when God is speaking, telling you when to move and when to stay? How do you know it’s Him saying ‘go’ or your sinful or simply curious human nature that says to ‘go’? Or what if it’s your fear that says to run? What if it’s your sinful nature that says to abandon? The bottom line question is: How do you know when it’s actually Him speaking?

  2. Hi, those are all really good questions! And we’ve all wondered about them at times. I think the key to knowing Gods’ voice is familiarity, and that can only come from Intimacy. The time we spend praying quietly and listening will help us, over time, to recognize ‘the still small voice’ of the Holy Spirit. Also God will never lead you to do something that goes against His Word. This can be a litmus test in many situations. Convesrsly the Enemy will probably never tell you to pray for, or witness to somebody. last but not least, if there’s time, ask for prayer and conformation from other believers before you act on what you think you have heard. I hope this helps. I know I’ve had to double check from time to time. The basic rule of thumb: When in doubt, wait. With prayer and feedback from those you trust, clarity will come. God Bless!

  3. I like your post on God’s timing! Yes, being sensitive to God’s timing is so important. To do the right thing at the wrong time is to do the wrong thing! Juana
    Keep bloggin’!

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