Down through the years there has been much speculation and even prophetic words given about when the temple in Jerusalem might be rebuilt. Many people feel this is central to the unfolding of end time events. But there is a temple already being built, and hopefully you and I are Involved.

The book of Zechariah finds the Israelites rebuilding the temple. In chapter 8 God says; Take heart and finish the task! You have heard what the PROPHETS HAVE BEEN SAYING about building the temple…ever since the foundation was laid.

Ever since the foundation of the world, the Lord Intended for His people to be a living temple. Yes, there are physical structures; temples, churches, synagogues, but it’s in the body of believers that faith, fellowship and purpose are found. There is a temple being built today by the remnant who are pursuing God and His direction for their lives, this nation and the world. We need to press forward Into God and what he has placed In our lives to do. We need see the transformation of our local ‘church’ Into THE Church. Then we will see transformation in our communities, cities and the world. Listen to what the prophets have been saying! Take heart and finish the task!


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