What are you doing Saturday? How about Sunday? Are you heading down to your local bomb shelter to wait out the Impending apocalypse? Do you have plenty of food and ammunition?

These are serious questions to some folks, and I’m really not here to ridicule anybody, but here’s the deal; Why are we so obsessed with the ‘end’?

Jesus said that no one knows the appointed time. Period. He’s coming as a thief in the night. That reads UNEXPECTED! How many thieves give you a call and say ‘Oh by the way, I’m going to pop over and rob your house next Saturday, How’s 1:00am?’?

We all remember Y2K. All the computers were going to shut down at midnight. Civilization as we know it was as good as gone. Now civilization has almost gone out the window a few times, like during the bank meltdown. That was WAY closer than most people realize.

But there are things prophesied throughout the scriptures that have yet to come to pass. Some have happened, yes, and others are eminent. I believe we’re poised on the brink of the greatest outpouring in history. And then there’s all that untidy stuff about the antichrist and the coming persecution of the church. I don’t think that slipped by without our noticing. So when will it be ‘time’?

Only the Father knows the exact time.

Yes, there is only one God, but He is a trinity. The Father, Son and Spirit can operate independently. Amazing, Wonderful, Bewildering even, but awesome and true!

Only the Father knows the exact time. And He’s not telling.


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