It’s Saturday! The obvious topic today might be the end of the world, but I already had my say on that one (see yesterdays’ blog). The slightly eerie pic you see is actually here for another reason. I want to address a spiritual concern that has recently been brought to my attention.

The majority of people believe that there is more to the world than we can see with the naked eye. And Christians in particular know that there are spiritual Influences at work among us. There are Angels and there are…demons. Maybe not the most popular subject for some of us, but one we need to look at from time to time. We’re all familiar with the most popular Images of bat wings, tails and horns, but there is a much more subtle side to this realm. It’s a sphere of covert manipulation. In most cases the people being Influenced are not even aware their actions are not entirely their own. Sometimes it boils down to doing the wrong things for what appear to be the right reasons.

I’m not trying to launch out on a witch hunt here, I just want to bring some things to light that have been Impressed upon me lately. This is an area where diligence is required, especially in the arena of church leadership.

We are warned in scripture to avoid anything that has a form of Godliness but denies the power thereof. We also read that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Many bodies of believers are not experiencing this promised freedom because of controlling spirits within the church. The term that has come to me is ‘administrative stronghold’ or ‘strongman’.

The programs, classes and prayer meetings are all in place. Things LOOK good, and the church seems to be doing all the right things, but it’s all being crushed under the force of the administrative strongmans’ grip. There is great fear at the highest level over loss of control.

This is just one example of how the enemy infiltrates and weakens the churches effectiveness. Does it nullify everything the local body is doing in the community and in missions etc? Of course not, but it does have an Impact on how much of Gods’ power is manifest in the congregation. It can Interfere with real Intimacy with the Lord. It can derail the manifestation of the Gifts. Often healings, prophecies and real deliverance become rare occurrences.

I feel the Lord has been revealing these things to us so we can start to watch and pray for exactly this type of thing. God is preparing the church for something big. Let’s be diligent, and seek his guidance. Let’s be honest with ourselves and take a look at the reasons we do or don’t do things. God’s ready to reform his church. Are we ready to be reformed?


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