Today is a day of grace. As a matter of fact, If you’re reading this, It is by grace. 5 days grace actually, but that’s not the main focus here.

Grace has been given to every one of us. God is full of grace, and He extends it to you and me unconditionally. But is it unlimited?

Over this past weekend, the latest ‘end of the world’ barely held our attention. Most people and especially Christians treated it like a joke,and to the extent that It flew in the face of scripture, that should be expected. There is, however, an end coming, and that’s a sobering thought. Time will eventually run out. We are not yet living in eternity, and all things temporal WILL pass away. Like it or not, we are all on a time-table and the kicker is, we don’t really know when ‘time’s up!’ do we? And It’s not just the ‘end of the world’ I’m referring to. Sorry to say it, but we’re all gonna die sooner or later.

So how much grace do we have? How long do you have to pray Into someones’ life before THEY run out of time?  Or talk to them about the Lord? What has God called you to do in life? Do you know? Procrastination is not one of the gifts of the Spirit! There is a timing to everything (see my blog on timing!). The book of Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for every purpose under Heaven. God has prepared good works for you and I to ‘walk’ in from the foundations of the world. What Has God called you to do? What has He called me to do?

Grace and time are Interwoven. There is a TIME for every purpose under Heaven. Grace is unconditional. But how long do you and I have before time runs out? Let’s seek Gods’ face in order to know His heart for our lives. Let’s do it before it’s too late. Amen?


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