Well, It’s the memorial day weekend. This is the holiday where we honor the memory of those who have fallen in the service of our country. We remember the sacrifices of all the soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Our prayers are with all the men and women on duty and in danger overseas. God Bless and keep them in Your care! We also pray Gods’ blessings and peace for all the people remembering other loved ones who have passed on.

This time of year also marks the ‘unofficial’ start of summer. Although the solstice is still a few weeks away, the weather does usually begin to warm up about now. So as we look back in remembrance, we are also looking forward to the end of the cold (at least in Northern climes!)

But what makes this DAY, or any other memorable? If we take stock of our past, will it help us forge our future? What are the memories I have of this past winter? Am I closer to God than I was last year at this time? Have I made the changes I need to make to pursue His will for my life? What’s memorable about the year so far? About my life? What has God called me to do right now?

These are tough times, and we need to ask ourselves some tough questions. God has a purpose for your life and mine. Let’s repent of any sins of omission or Inactivity. Let’s build an ‘alter’ right here at this pont in our lives, and seek Gods’ provision, grace and guidance in the months to come. This summer could see the most memorable days of all time! As we draw near to God, we will know His heart and become co-laborers with Him in what could be the greatest outpouring in history! Amen? Amen.


2 responses to “MEMORABLE DAYS

  1. I love your Website and your thoughts, thanks. And I so agree with your approach, how to stay anchored and at the same time, share a message that draws and unites, rather than hinders and divides. Sometimes it is like being on a balance beam, but it is worth the extra effort.
    Thanks so much for posting this awesome site.

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