So how’s your life been lately? Up or down, Inspiring or Stagnant? Supernatural and extraordinary, or natural and mundane? Miraculous or not so miraculous?

Jesus said, “You’re tied down to the mundane; I’m in touch with what is beyond your horizons…John 8:23 (msg).

While He was on earth, Jesus was in touch with something beyond our horizons. This seems like a no-brainer, but He had good reason to state the obvious. He had been trying to speak of spiritual truths and folks just weren’t getting it. He told them, in not so many words, that their lives were consumed by the mundane.

Like us in so many ways, they couldn’t see past grubbing for their next meal.

We are living in a time where pretty much everyone reading this blog has more than enough to eat. Most anyone with a laptop on their lap has a roof over their head. But there are bills to pay, and appointments to keep. There are things to fix, and lawns to mow, and we get stuck in the routine of our days. We become mundane. We spend our lives looking down at the ground for stray quarters, and If we’re looking towards the horizon, it’s for our next paycheck.

But Jesus was in touch with something else. Something ‘beyond’ the horizon.

To look towards the horizon, you have to lift your head.

To see BEYOND the horizon you have to lift your spirit.

God has so much more for you and I, but it won’t just ‘happen’. We have to lift our spiritual eyes, and ‘see’ past the everyday struggles. We need to spend time seeking Gods’ heart.

Supernatural and miraculous or natural and mundane? How would you describe the life of Jesus? How’s your life been lately?





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