Dry Bones/Canyon Walls

Have you ever been in the desert? If not, It’s certainly something to put on your ‘bucket list’. Yes It’s VERY hot and you could die there. I don’t recommend taking a long hike away from the main road without any water…

But there’s something about the desert. There is a beauty in Its’ severity that can’t be found anywhere else. It has a quality, a purity, If you will. Jesus would often go away from town and out Into the desert to pray. And It’s out in the desert where Ezekiel would have his vision of the valley of dry bones.

In Ezekiel 37, God has the prophet speak to a valley Full of dry bones. God already knows what’s going to happen, but Zeek has a major part to play. He has to prophesy to the bones. God was showing him and us that we must be the carriers of HIS will in the earth. It’s only after Zeek speaks that the bones become reattached to each other, and take on flesh. He tells them to live and THEN God breaths life Into  them. They stand as an exceedingly great army of men.

How can we be clothed in truth and filled with the breath of God? We obviously need to speak Gods’ truth Into each others’ lives. We need to speak Gods’ word over ourselves. We have a part to play. It doesn’t just happen by Itself.


The hours pass by these arid skies

As day follows day, and days become years

All life seems to be waiting here

Hot cobalt blue and canyon red along the empty riverbeds

Scorched sand and shale, rocks withered and glazed

All perfectly still, all waiting for rain

Till the Blessing bursts forth and the heavens pour down

Then this cracked hard earth reveals the Divine

From ashen to violet and sandstone to gold

In primrose and amethyst sunsets untold

To all but this ‘wasteland’ now radiantly clothed

The secret remains for a time yet unknown


by Ron Simko


I told someone I’d publish this, and since it kinda fits the theme of dryness to life, well…

Till next time!






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