God gives parents to lead the way through life.  He grants them wisdom and direction. Children who give them their heart  and stay close receive divine protection, blessings and a long life for  their obedience and honor. Photo by Taylor
    Sometimes, It’s the simplest things in life that take you completely by surprise. An amazing sunrise that just blows away your sleepiness. A cool breeze carrying the scent of rain. The sight of a friend you thought you’d forgotten. A family of geese swimming together…
   This photo was posted on Facebook by some dear friends of mine, and I’ve thought about it off and on all day.
    The Image is so God! His truth SO embodies His creation, that we see His design everywhere we look. From the shape of a snowflake, to the colors of a rainbow, or in the behavior of geese on a pond, swimming into rays of light.
    The caption under the photo is theirs’ and it’s quite true. These geese are instinctively doing that which we should Intentionally be doing. Leading our young Into the Light.
    And not just our physical children, but our Spiritual children as well. Those whom God has called us to encourage and teach and guide. All Christians are leaders, whether we realize it or not. Let’s seek the wisdom and direction God has for us to lead the next generation Into His Light. Amen?
Thanks to Debbye and Taylor for posting the pic, You guys Rock!

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