This is what it’s all about. Someone needs help because they are unable to rise above their situation. Someone else In a more advantageous position reaches down and lifts them up and out of it. The concept is simple enough. Sometimes that’s all there is to it, and it’s as simple as that. But our experience of salvation, whether or own or a friends, is usually a bit more complicated. There are two major variables; The person needing help has to realize that they do, In fact, need help, and they have to want it.

We are a fallen race. If you’re not convinced check out the news. We all sin. We all fall down. God the Father reached down through the Son to lift us up and out of our situation. Forgiveness was and is provided for everyone on earth. Even someone like, say, Hitler.

But here’s the catch. It’s like this; If a man is drowning, and you throw him one of those life-saver rings, he still has to grab it. He still has to hang onto it. Then you can pull him to safety with the attached rope. If he doesn’t grab hold of  it, and keep holding on, you can’t help him.

You can’t force people to grab the ring. And if they grab it, you can’t force them to keep holding on. All you can do is help them see that the ring is there. Help them see that they need to grab it before they drown. Help them to realize they need to keep holding on and never ever, under any circumstances, let go. That’s discipleship. We need to make disciples.

There’s a lot more to this, and there are a lot of folks better qualified than I am to elaborate on these concepts. Suffice it to say everyone needs salvation. Let’s do our best to make sure they know it.




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