Revolutionary Revelation

The scene is sometime during the american Revolution, and the location is a large fortress, almost a castle in size. The sides of this ‘castle’ are very high, seemingly at least 60 or 70 feet, and I am looking down over the battlements. As I look out upon the scene, continental (american) forces are marching out and away from the fortress down a rather narrow trail. A little to the left of this, and leading up to the front gate is a broad and level road. Marching unopposed up this road towards the castle, are the British forces. The two armies pass each other by, virtually only a stones throw apart. Now the Brits’ are at the gate. For some mysterious reason, they don’t have any artillery with them, and the walls are too high and strong. They must go through narrow passage-ways leading from a small set of doors next to the main gate. I suddenly find myself moving with a detachment of troops into these same passages to meet them head-on. That’s when I woke up.

I have pondered this unusually detailed dream for a couple of days now, and the clarity has not faded over time as one might expect. I feel there are a number of meanings that can be gleaned from this, and I am only now just beginning to understand some of them.

The continental forces represent the ‘church’, the body of Christ. The British forces, just as during the revolution, represent the enemy. (No offense is meant to any English folks, the context is completely historical!) The huge castle/fortress is Gods’ sovereign protection. The narrow trail taken by the American army IS the straight and narrow AS WE SEE IT. The broad and level road, is of course, the way of the world.

There’s a lot here. More than I actually have time to go into right now, but here are some high-lights. Part of what’s being shown to us is the way the church has Isolated itself from the world. Separating ourselves from the world, we march off down the narrow way. There is a need, however, to meet the enemy head-on out in the open. We need to take the battle to the enemy on the broad and level road that leads to their destruction. While we stay on our narrow way (which is where you should be in regards to your OWN conduct), the world just marches right on by to destruction. We need to meet them where they are.

Even though the enemy is slipping by us, God still has a protective hand on us (fortress). The enemy doesn’t have the power (artillery) to blast us to bits. He has to use narrow passages (subterfuge, division, backbiting, Idols) to get to us. We can fight the enemy and win in the passage-ways, but it would be far better to unite and start winning out on the open road BEFORE The enemy is at the gates.

I feel there is much more in this. If anyone has any Input, feel free to comment here or email me at Thanks -Ron


2 responses to “Revolutionary Revelation

  1. Your interpretation is the most important because you will understand their meaning best because it was given to you. I see the British (enemy) sneaking in as a very important part. God does protect us, so that is the only way the enemy can get in…by tempting us. That’s how he fights. Would the american forces be going out to fight in faith? Or going out to spread the gospel? What do you feel they were going out to do specificlally?

    I had a dream many years ago that pertained to the church and the world. On the ground I was standing on were stones that were smooth on top like water had flowed across them in past. In front of me in the distance was a clear, clean pool. There were happy people swimming, jumping and diving into the pool. They were unaware of me or the area I was standing in. Then the weird part. Behind me was a square pyramid like stone structure (similar to Mayan ruins but smaller). For some reason I knew it had been a fountain. A horrible voice (satan I’m assuming) told me (with excitement even) that bones were buried in the dried up fountain. I woke up thinking about the happy people who didn’t seem to care. I believe the people in the pool were Christians (the church) and the dry area being ignored by them was the lost. It was so distrubing and distinct that I still remember it.

    • Hi PGL, Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you. Internet problems. I think the American forces in the dream were actually ‘going their own way’ as in away from the world, kind of into our Christian sub-culture. There’s faith, and witnessing takes place at times, but we’re generally ignoring or ‘walking past’ the world at large. I believe it means we need to engage more.
      Your dream is fascinateing. Is it possible the ruins represent what was once a fountain of ‘living water’? and it was clogged up by old dry bones similar to the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel? Maybe we need to stop splashing around and get that fountain unplugged? Very cool, Thanks for commenting, and God Bless!!

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