Heart of Worship part II

So, what does real worship look like? Depending on your point of reference, you might be thinking of almost anything, from shouting out praises to God at the front of a church, to kneeling quietly at home behind your locked bedroom door. Everyone has a flavor, if you will, that they prefer, for expressing their love for and to God. Shouting out praises and kneeling silently are two bookends for a wide range of expression that blends everything in between, all of which can be forms of true worship. In fact, you may run the entire gamut of expression during a single time of prayer and worship. This is because true or real worship is a matter of your heart.

God is Love. He is light and life. He is the Truth and the Way. He is also the Living Word and a thousand other ‘things’ right on into Infinity. Eternal. When you truly enter into His presence, you will know it, and you will feel a tangible difference deep within your inner being. Love, conviction, repentance, forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, healing (mental, spiritual, and yes, even physical), are some of the things you should be experiencing as you enter into real, true, and honest worship. How you’re standing, or if you are kneeling or even face down on the carpet, are secondary to the reality of communing with god. The Important thing to ‘do’ is to follow your spirit. If you feel the need to kneel or go face down, do it. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing. the minute you become self-conscious or fearful of what others might think, you’re slipping away from worshipping in spirit and in truth.

True worship will stay with you. It’s not just for the church service or the prayer session you’re involved in. It’s meant to transform you from the Inside out. As I’ve said before, it is instrumental in making you into the person God created you to be. We should feel the effects for days, with each prayer time strengthening and confirming what we were given, right up to the next time of worship. In the time in between, this also equips us to minister to and serve others.

God dwells in the midst of our prayers, and in our worship. It is the natural manifestation of our supernatural relationship. We need to press in, and receive all that God intends for us, so that His kingdom may truly come.


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