Weapons of a warrior

Recently, I had a dream in which I saw a warrior, or more like a knight, in full armour. He was holding a bow and had a quiver full of arrows. He was being waited upon by a pair of squires, who took away his bow and arrows and instead placed a large sword into his hands. Here the dream ended.

A bow can be a most effective weapon. It has been the deciding factor in numbers of battles throughout history. But it is best employed when the enemy is still some distance away. As the enemy closes in, it becomes less proficient.

At close range, hand to hand, a sword is much more desirable. And the enemy is much closer than we think.

I believe there is something very proactive in the bow and arrows. It is a way to weaken or even halt an attack. Prayers for peace and protection before the conflict do more good than we probably realize. But once the enemy closes in, we need the sword, the living Word of God. (Eph. 6:17)

We need to pray and speak the word, but most importantly, we need to believe the word. Just reciting scripture will not win the fight. It has to be who and what we are. It has to be in us for the power to come out of us. Then the enemy is confronted by the authority of Christ and he flees.

We are at war, and we must be warriors. To do battle, we must put on our armor, pick up our shields, and take up our swords. It is the power of God in our hands.


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