what WOULD Jesus do?

It May be time to put away the cute bracelets, and peel off the bumper stickers. We, as Christians, have been saying this for years, but have we actually considered what we’re talking about?

What do most of us do when we see a crippled person or a blind man?

Have you  ever Interrupted a funeral  and brought the dead back to life?

It’s time to start healing the sick. It’s time to start raising the dead.

That’s what Jesus would do. That’s the answer to the question we’ve been asking.

We are the living temple of God, and It’s time to overturn the tables of the money changers, and clean house. It’s been said we need to count the cost, but do we?

We need to pray about this like never before. It’s time to seek the face of Jesus Christ, and climb inside His will for our  lives. He has a calling on you and I. There is a purpose for each and every life. Will you walk in that purpose? He is waiting eagerly for you to respond to Him. Pray. Press in. Seek His face, and look into His eyes of fire. He is asking you to lay EVERYTHING down at His feet. Both the things you hold dear, and the things you are ashamed of, and everything in between. Lay it all down. Contend for this. Strive for this. What He has for you is so much more than you could ever imagine.

Jesus has a question for you; What will YOU do?

It is time for the true church to rise up, count the cost, and pour ourselves out. If we do, the lame will walk. The dead will live.


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