birds as black as night and other stories…

Sometimes we need a warning, maybe a little nudge, to get us to consider the condition of the world around us. Maybe a reminder that God desires that all would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A call to open our eyes and see that the way that leads to destruction is very wide indeed… and that those around us need the light as much as we do.

I am standing at the edge of open fields where a great battle has been fought. The day is coming to an end as the light begins to fade towards a pale sunset. Overhead, flocks of crows, ravens and larger carrion birds, wheel and circle in the sky, all are as black as the coming night. As the sun sets, a chill breeze stirs, and I hear these words; Turn to God. Only He can save. Only He can shield you from this place and time you see before you. Turn to God and seek Him only.

Like Jonah, the ‘world’ is running as far away from God as it can get. It is running headlong to its own ruin. We need to extend Gods gift of forgiveness and grace to as many as we can, before their time runs out.

The enemy of your soul wants you to feel insignificant. Yet one person can talk to one other person about Gods grace, and that person can talk to ten. If they talk to only 5 each, that’s fifty. What if only one of the fifty talks to a thousand? And one of those ministers to millions? You have a part to play. God has a place for you in His plans. You are only ‘insignificant’ if you let the enemy convince you to do nothing.

Somewhere west of the Mississippi river, a man is standing in a freight yard consisting of mostly wooden buildings. It is sometime in the late 1800’s. He is wearing a black shirt and black pants, with a brown suede vest and a brown hat. As he waves a horse-drawn wagon into an open warehouse, he calls out, (rather surprisingly), ‘bring it back! Bring it back in. Bring back the ANOINTING!’

This country has had many ‘awakenings’ and revivals. Many took place in what we would now consider fairly rural settings. But they were real. They started out small, with a few people who had to have God in their lives, and spread.  It starts with people who are hungry enough for God to set everything else aside and pray and press in and seek His face. It starts with you and me. That’s the anointing we need to bring back in.

More stories coming soon…


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