Burning Questions

What are you going to do today? How about tomorrow? What are your plans for next week? Where do you think you’ll be next year?

On the surface, these seem like pretty mundane questions…

What are the things you’d like to accomplish? What are your goals? Have you decided on a career? Is there a mission statement for your life?

We’re getting warmer.

What can you do to improve the lives of those around you? Is there something you could do to help with the quality of life for people in general? Can you be of some service to the overall well-being of the human race?

There’s something too think about, but it’s still kind of general, let’s take it up a notch;

How do pictures of the victims of famine, or refugees of war-torn third world nations affect you? Are you bothered by the rise of human trafficking and slavery? Do you have any feelings at all about the living conditions in the slums maybe only a few miles away from where you are reading this?

Think about it for a minute….

Why are you here? Why were you born? Do you believe in God? What are His plans and purposes for your life? Have you found them?

Is there a hunger deep down in your soul for something OUTSIDE of yourself? 

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Jesus came to give us life to the fullest. But that life is only gained through having a servants’ heart. Life doesn’t become full untill it’s poured out for others.

Depending on the depth to which this has penetrated our hearts, we will feel varying degrees of the emptiness that permeates this world. The freer we are from it, the clearer it becomes. It is a world based on self-satisfaction, instant gratification, and a self-absorbed sensuality. There are millions living in this vacuum of self, waiting to be set free into a world that has meaning. They need to know the truth. They need to feel loved.

They need you.

What will you do?


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