Shadows running in the rain


The setting is a dark, wet night. I am in a gathering of hundreds of believers, and we are all standing outside in a steadily falling rain. Nearby is a large building or structure, but no one is going inside. Oddly, It seems to be a time of fellowship, and we are all standing clustered in groups of three to ten individuals.

Suddenly and without warning, shadowy faceless creatures appear, running on long bird-like legs out of the darkness. They seem to emanate from some unseen point in the distance, and as they pass between the groups of people, you can feel them spreading  fear and confusion.


This is really close to what I saw.

You can’t imagine my surprise when I found images online so close to the ones in my vision. The fact that other people have depicted similar creatures lends reality and confirmation to this vision. We need to take this seriously! I’ve decided to call these things ‘runners’, and I believe their purpose is to run ‘interference’ and spread fear and confusion in the body of Christ.

This is a warning, but it’s also good news because it prepares and equips us to defeat this type of spiritual opposition. Let’s take a look at some of the images in this vision and see what they might mean.

Our fellowship was taking place outside in the rain in spite of the fact that there was a building to go into. I believe that this building represents ‘church’ as we know it. Rather than go inside to ‘business as usual’, this group of believers are after nothing less than a complete restructuring, braving resistance and opposition (the darkness and rain) along the way. This is also the reason this group is being assaulted by the runners.

It’s also significant that this was a time of fellowship and NOT worship. Fear and confusion can not spread during a time of true worship, but they CAN spread during times of fellowship. This part is fairly clear; we need to guard our hearts, minds and most importantly, our tongues.

You could not tell where the runners where coming from. This is true. The real source is not this church or that organization, but in the spiritual realm. Pray for those operating out of fear. Pray they gain clarity of Gods purposes. And pray for the body you belong to, because an ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure.

This is important; DO NOT BE AFRAID! This warning is a blessing. God sends just such visions to prepare us for what’s coming, so we can check our armor and stand ready.

God Bess!


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