Severity and Love

Severity and Love, like mercy and judgement, make up the two-edged sword of the Word of God. The entire history of the human race, as seen in the Bible, can be summed up by these words. And these words, like our relationship to God, seem to form a paradox. In reality however, they are all aspects of His divine nature. God is Love, but He is also Holy, and righteousness can not coexist with evil. There must be separation of holiness and evil, and this brings judgement, even though God is Love, full of compassion and mercy.

 Because Gods’ divine nature is the source and wellspring of Love itself, the act of creating the universe and everything in it, was, in fact, an act of Love. Because God is Love, we were created out of Love, and His love for us has never decreased or changed in any way since the dawn of creation.

That it was good is an established fact, as God said HIMSELF that it was VERY good.

But that was not the end of the story…

Although God does not change, we unfortunately did, and not for the better. Sin entered the world, and with it came separation from God, death and judgement.

Judgement became the unavoidable and absolute reality, because holiness must exist apart from evil.

But while judgement became the definition of our fallen nature, Gods’ Love cried out for compassion and mercy. God Loves us so much you see, He would die to have us back.

There’s just one problem; God is eternal and He can not die.

Unless He becomes a man.

Can you feel the anguish and passion of God as the Son takes on mortality? As He comes to live and die among us?

We can never love enough, or live long enough, to fully understand the depth and intensity of Gods’ Love.

But we must also be aware of the severity of the judgement that separated us, not from His Love, but from His presence. We must never take our position in Christ for granted.

God, in His Holiness judged us, but His Love had mercy on us. He became a man so He could give His life for yours.

We should be awestruck with fear and trembling, when we realize the absolute Holiness of God.

And we should know that we are loved beyond anything we could ever imagine.


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