Tis the season

Tis the season!

It’s the season for getting together, visiting with family and friends. Some people you can’t wait to see, others, well…  Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, you find yourself face to face with an old ‘friend’.

And so it was for me when I recognized an old acquaintance I’ve known for years. And even though he wears different faces in different places, I immediately knew who it was.

We’ll call him CRAM, because he is  a controlling, religious and manipulative spirit.

If you’ve had any kind of a forerunner ministry for any length of time, then you’ve met cram. Sometimes he disguises himself as common sense, or uses other ‘legitimate’ and reasonable appeals to work his way into our ministries. Before you know it, he’s working his way to the top, into a controlling ‘high priority’ position. If you are following Gods call on your life, you need to be vigilant, because no one is above being influenced.  Here are some things we need to keep in mind;

A religious spirit can be one of the most subtle. It comes in many guises, even masquerading as common sense and reason..

Once cram gets his foot in the door, he can become very quickly entrenched, and rather difficult to get rid of.

One of crams hallmarks is to ‘tone things down’ in the name of order and propriety.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. The level of freedom you experience in worship is a good litmus test for cram.

Religious spirits can crop up anywhere. CRAM will even show up in the midst of revival to shut it down. We need to be diligent, because, as I said above, we can all be influenced, without fully realizing it.

So….run into any ‘old friends’ lately?



Christmas list


My Grand-daughter asked me again this year, what I wanted for Christmas, and I realized I didn’t really get my wish list filled last Christmas. Looks like Santa’s falling down on the job…No, it’s not world peace, but it’s probably nearly as intangible. Maybe that’s the problem.

My Christmas List

1.To have the courage to do what God wants me to, without thinking twice.

2. To never feel ashamed again.

3. To accomplish something would be nice. …

4. To see the sick healed.

5. To live life with meaning.

6. To see wholeness in those I know and love.

7. And never again face regret.

So…what’s on your list?

the Ghost of new years past

I know it’s not even Christmas yet, but what I’m going to say here is somewhat time sensitive, so I wanted to put this out well in advance of 2012.

So, where will you be at 12:00am, January 1, 2012?

Actually, I’ve always been rather ambivalent, even indifferent about new years eve. I just don’t relate well to all the hype that people attach to it. Out with the old, in with the new, resolutions no one keeps, and of course, Times Square!

I’m not going to even get into all the calendar stuff, or how the date we mark is fairly arbitrary. If you really think about it, YOUR new year starts on your birthday, not Jan 1st.

Bear with me here a moment, and I’ll get to my point, I promise.

How do you feel about past new years eves? Do any stand out? what made them special to you?

If we’re going to mark a day and make it significant, make it the start of a new year, then we should also make it meaningful, and fill it with the essence of everything  we are striving to be.

There have been a few new years eves that I have liked, even loved. I spent them at church, worshiping.

What better way for a believer to celebrate the beginning of a new year than in praise and worship of God? These services started around 10:00pm and ran through midnight, and all we did was worship. No messages, no offerings, no potluck. Just worship. And we were changed and recharged as we began the new year.

I’m quite serious when I say this could be such a powerful event, if churches all over our city began to institute new years eve services. We would all be worshiping and praying in unity, as we ushered the new year in.

If you haven’t already made plans for this new years eve, why not look for a church that is holding a service, or better yet, talk to the leadership at your own church. It might not be too late to set one up and get the word out. I think new years eve would begin to take on a whole new dimension.

So, really, where are you going to be at 12:00am, January 1, 2012?

The culmination of all things

Can you feel it?

It is change, it’s revolution. There’s upheaval in so many places. It is manifesting in every arena of life, even in the physical realms of geology and plate tectonics. This is not business as usual. It’s not even ‘global warming’. It’s more than that, and it’s quite unstoppable. The world as we know it, is passing away.

What the new one looks like is largely dependant on you.

This is not a doomsday prophecy, although it is prophetic in nature. The revelation of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy, and His nature will be revealed. It has always been shared with His followers, but what’s coming next will completely extinguish what we think we know. God will unveil His Glory to and in those who are ready. The sick will be healed. The blind will see. Cripples will go running and jumping, and the dead will live. The Glory of God will manifest in man, and he will become fully, Spiritually alive. You will not have ‘church’ anymore.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to shelve your personal agenda? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? You’re going to find the only real comfort is in leaving it! God has a calling and a purpose for each and every one of us. What we need to do is HONESTLY seek it. No whitewashing or toning it down. No rationalizing it. We need to find it and actually DO it. We need to walk in the works prepared for us.

I don’t know what that looks like for you, but you will know it, when you find it (or it finds you!)

The truth of the matter is this; We are coming to the culmination of all things. Not just political reform, or even spiritual awakening. All things. Very soon there will be two very distinct groups of people on this earth. It’s not going to be a question of race or gender or nationality that sets us apart. It will be those who are walking in the will of God bringing light, and those who are desperately in need of that light. I don’t know how much time is left, but I do know that the lines are being drawn even now. The choice is ours, It’s yours and mine.

Can you feel it?

Are you ready?