lesser known gifts



I believe this blog is meant to be an avenue for prophetic messages, for articles that will bring unity to the body of Christ. Usually, that’s exactly what you will see here.

But lately, due to a series of events, something a bit different has gotten my attention.

Most Christians are familiar with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You can probably name most, if not all of them. We have healing, miracles, prophecy, and tongues. There are gifts of wisdom and knowledge. You could add more, like discernment, etc. We would all agree the list is quite wonderful. The church  currently operates in most of these, some of the time, but not all of them all of the time. Why that might be, is a good topic, and it’s one for another post.

But lately, I’ve been seeing something else. I’ve seen Believers operating in their own special set of ‘gifts’. I’ve made a list of these lesser known gifts, and it looks something like this;

There’s the gift of accusation. Fault-finding is another. Another is the gift of superiority, which is closely related to the gift of exclusivity. There’s a gifting of being extremely opinionated, miraculously, about things the individual knows very little about. Judgementalism, if I may coin a term, is a big one. And we can’t forget the gift of witch-hunting. Not real witches. No, these witches are all in the mind of the hunter. Of course, all of these ‘gifts’ owe their very existence to the most effective gift of all.


Fear of change. Fear of the unusual. Fear of loss. Fear of difference.

Of course, all fear is from the enemy, and so are all the other ‘lesser known gifts’. But that doesn’t stop Christians from operating, even reveling in them. The devil uses the unwitting participants to bring division to the body of Christ….

Think about this.

No, it’s not for somebody else.

Are you bringing unity to the church, or division? Perfect love casts out fear. It’s not enough to just say ‘I’m walking in Gods love’, without showing it. There’s got to be fruit. Jesus is not returning for a splintered bride. Let’s start perfecting our love towards our fellow believers, and cast out the fear!


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