This has been rolling around in my mind lately, and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to convey it. I’ve heard it said ‘when in doubt, make a list.’ So, here it is, I think you’ll get the idea….

The things we honestly want:

Money and material possessions. Success and accomplishment. Fulfillment and satisfaction. Ease and convenience. Entertainment and diversion. Power and control. Popularity and fame. Honor and respect. Love and acceptance. Sensual pleasures and instant gratification.

No, it’s not ALL bad, but a lot of it is kinda scary. And what’s even scarier, is the millions of people who don’t realize it’s scary!

Here’s what we actually need, and why we need it:

Justice and mercy.

If you seek justice, you will receive mercy.

Love and judgement.

When you cultivate a willingness to love, you will not judge or be judged.

Obedience and freedom.

Only in true obedience to the will of God will you ever really be free.

Humility and confidence.

Through humility you will be sure of Gods purpose to accomplish His will through you.

Truth and kindness.

Truth can be harsh, but in the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of all truth, kindness dwells hand in hand with the truth.

Service and accomplishment.

Your purpose is not to be served. It is through serving others that you will come to your place of destiny.

Sacrifice and fulfillment.

Only through sacrifice can your calling come to fruition.

Worship and intimacy.

Whatever you worship, you will know. True worship of God, in spirit and truth, fills your heart with His desires.

Denial and desire.

When you deny yourself the shallow things of life, you will receive the true desires of your heart, and Gods heart as well.




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