The palest ghost of You


Stars sweep past
the ever circling night
Spreading thick, like diamond dust, drifting,
seeming to settle on the trees
Moonlit wisps of cloud
Like thin veils of white,
Enfold the sky in a nocturne of light chasing shadow
And I breathe you in
keeping time with my being
to this symphony of life,
but still knowing there’s more,
And this, a dim reflection,
like the distant refrain of the heavens,
or the chorus of all eternity
in beauty unconstrained,
like far off chimes of glass
carried upon the wind
But only remembered in a dream
Or the faintest aroma
of a million blossoms opening at the first light of
Speaking to me,
telling me all that could ever be heard
And all that will ever be told
is only the palest ghost
of  You
the faintest note of Your song
only the lightest tremor
of Your heart
and all it longs to share