The Love of God


Lately I have been reading about the love of God. This is always a good thing to do, because well, sometimes it gets lost in the day to day madness we call life.

Sometimes I just don’t ‘feel’ it.

Don’t get me wrong, God has been good to me and my family time and time again. I am blessed more than I know.

But having said that, there are days when it just doesn’t feel real.

Maybe a better word would be tangible.

Sometimes it’s hard to break through to that place where you feel like a little child, cherished and loved, in your fathers arms.

Anyone with kids know this love from the other side. When your child comes to you for comfort, Who wouldn’t pick them up, hug them, kiss their head and whisper comforting things to them?

And God is love, right?

But there are days when it’s easier to picture Jesus as a very good, but demanding teacher or college professor. The kind that makes things hard on their students to bring out their best.

Or perhaps, at times, even a drill Sargent who cares too much for his troops to let them get ‘soft’.

And this is bootcamp. This is the week before final exams. And I am not a child anymore. I am part of ‘Gods army’ and I need training. The exams are coming, and I need to ‘study to show myself approved’.

But the kingdom belongs to those who enter it as a child.

And although I am an adult, sometimes I just need to crawl up into Gods lap and let him whisper love and comfort to my heart.