City on a hill


Been to a good Christian conference lately?

Before you answer that,
Let me start off with a few disclaimers;

First and foremost, I’d like to say that Christian conferences are generally a good thing. Sometimes even a God thing. By and large, I like attending them whenever I have the opportunity. Countless lives have been impacted for good and for God at Christian conferences.

But having said that, I’ve still gotta say what else I feel needs to be said about this. And I am absolutely not out to rain on anyones parade, but….

We are all still playing church.

The bigger the conference, it seems, the bigger the game we play. The rules are simple; keep everyone interested and happy. Don’t keep them up too late on the week nights, and make sure they make it home in time for the game on Sunday. 

It’s how we do ‘church’. It’s how we’ve always done church.

We spend endless hours making everything ‘perfect’, but we don’t really want to trust the Holy Spirit with it.
Give God an inch, and He’ll take a mile! (or an hour or two!)

And that is simply not safe, so the reasoning goes. He might violate our schedule or ruin our program.
So, we stick to business as usual, and we keep our schedule and our program intact.
And everyone goes home inspired, inundating Facebook with glowing testimonies.

But I just have to wonder, if it’s this good with us in control, what would it be like if we really, really gave it to God? What would happen If we let God take it as far as He wants, or as long as He wants?

How about radical healing and deliverance for ALL rather than a few? Or lives not only changed, but empowered to bring heaven down to earth?
How would it be if everyone found their calling and commission, and immediately began walking  in it?

It would be the church of the book of acts.
The spotless warrior bride awaiting her beloved.
A bright city on a hill drawing all men to the truth, radiating the glory of God.