Hue and cry



In a watershed of emotion
In the draining of a day
lies the never ending enigma
The ever winding way
And there is no rhyming or reason
and there’s nothing you can say
The hue and cry is rising
from some shrine hid deep within
It’s a clamor and a whisper
of a song that never ends
like the wind that’s ever sighing
in the wasteland of your sin
This is where it always brings you
This is how it always ends
On the floor of the valley
It pulls you down and sucks you in
And the yellow desert screaming
In the sands of losing time
will never restore the season
of the soundness of your mind
And so this is the ebb tide
beneath a falling sky
The hue and cry keeps rising
From somewhere deep inside
Growing ever louder
in the slowly fading light
Your eyes searching…

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