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He was born to a virgin.

During His baptism, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove while Gods voice thundered from Heaven.

He was transfigured and glorified on a mountain top and spoke to Moses and Elijah.

On at least two other occasions Gods voice thundered from Heaven again, glorifying His name.

He also-

Turned at least 180 gallons of water into wine at a wedding.

Sat down by a well because he was hot and tired and thirsty.

Spat in the dirt and made mud paste to heal a blind man.

He wept.

He hungered.

He perspired.

Some of us only see the glorious side of Jesus, the God side. The Miracles and transformations.

Others dwell too much on his humanity. He was a man.

But although he was tempted by all the things that we give into, he never gave in.
Because He was humanity perfected.

He didn’t walk a perfect life because he was God.

He walked a perfect life because He was obedient to the Father.

When you find the perfect place in your heart, of knowing Jesus, and who Jesus is, He will tell you who you are. Then you can follow Him.