Let’s Pause For A Moment.

There has been quite a stir recently in ‘Christian’circles over what some individuals say, or more importantly, what others think they believe.
This shouldn’t even happen.
The world is watching.
And ‘Christians’ need to be praying about the real issues. Like the Slaughter of real Christians in the middle east.
Hundreds, maybe thousands are dying for their faith.

But I digress.
I thought I might reblog this, because, well, its true.
When you take love out of the equation, the ‘church’ is not a pretty sight. Kinda petty, actually….

Lost In Thought

I read all about Gungor when we decided to stone him internet style. Read both sides. We’re all freakin out again cause of an Olsteen remark on worship.

Forgive me, but…I’m not about to pick up my stone and join in.

The moment we start deciding we get to judge another human being because their Christianity doesn’t look just like ours, we enter dangerous territory, that can lead to some dark crap.

Love is our greatest gift, part of our beautiful inheritance. It’s a huge part of who we are in Christ. It’s our core. When we start with-holding that love from anyone, when we stop giving grace, we stop showing Jesus to the world.

We are not all knowing. We are not at all given the gift of life to jump down the throats of the Gungors or the Olsteens of the world.

Disagreement is not entitlement; a license…

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