Show yourself
Put down your gun
Reveal your soul
All the damage done
Whistle the wind
down the ally-way
Rustling the leaves
that cover your fate
Take off the masks
Every one you wear
The phantom colors
All the fragrant Aires
When the music plays
It breaks your heart
So many years
alone in the dark
Step into the light
Out of shadow and shame
Raising your eyes
to a horizon of change
Seeking the truth
The price has been paid
But the tempest still rages
and your plans are unmade
Till the music returns
like nails in the rain
and pierces your heart
With your own true name


Contract Killer: Comparison.

Lost In Thought

When you stop comparing and start seeking out who you are; what drives you; how God made you, you stop setting yourself up for failure because you can’t attain what other people have…you start flourishing because you realize that what God put in you is enough; he made you to be just that. You.

It’s a huge deception, to look at amazing people and think less of ourselves, that who God made us to be is less.

For a long time, I looked around me, to my peers, my family, people I’d never met…and I set a bar so far above me, it would be impossible for me to ever meet. Everyone was all these things I wasn’t and I couldn’t amount to much at all.

Who could find themselves when the only place they looked was in the disappointments they found in their hearts? Comparison destroyed my hope, my…

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