Feel the stillness of the hours
The fragrance of times ago
Twilit memories
Filled with dreams
Floating gently on the wind
Lost longings
For longings lost
Like a sunset through the trees
painted in watercolor
over another scene
Or the slowly circling mists
That open softly on the moon
Tinged often with regret
That all was left far too soon
Never again to wander
Upon these hallowed paths
Down towards the water
To embrace the sea at last
gazing at the night
With one last loving glance
To fall amidst the waves
And press the sands of time
Forever into daydreams
Upon these silent shores


The last Solstice

This pretty much wrote itself.



The last solstice

It’s winter in the east
And snow drifts upon the great wall
There’s a chill in the air around Nagasaki
As our hemisphere looks away from the sun
Into the starry oasis of the night
The decades have come to rest here
Full with the memories of years
Clouds drifting along the stratosfear
In canyons of dreams and visions
And we have sat enthralled
Never begrudging the tyranny that beauty holds over our hearts
Nor the longing written into the soundtrack of our lifes
The watercolor wash of the decades have had their way
And I am the better for it.
And though strangers we remain
I take my leave with a grateful heart
Upon which your songs will forever play

For Edgar Froese

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