The palest ghost of You


Stars sweep past
the ever circling night
Spreading thick, like diamond dust, drifting,
seeming to settle on the trees
Moonlit wisps of cloud
Like thin veils of white,
Enfold the sky in a nocturne of light chasing shadow
And I breathe you in
keeping time with my being
to this symphony of life,
but still knowing there’s more,
And this, a dim reflection,
like the distant refrain of the heavens,
or the chorus of all eternity
in beauty unconstrained,
like far off chimes of glass
carried upon the wind
But only remembered in a dream
Or the faintest aroma
of a million blossoms opening at the first light of
Speaking to me,
telling me all that could ever be heard
And all that will ever be told
is only the palest ghost
of  You
the faintest note of Your song
only the lightest tremor
of Your heart
and all it longs to share


The culmination of all things

Can you feel it?

It is change, it’s revolution. There’s upheaval in so many places. It is manifesting in every arena of life, even in the physical realms of geology and plate tectonics. This is not business as usual. It’s not even ‘global warming’. It’s more than that, and it’s quite unstoppable. The world as we know it, is passing away.

What the new one looks like is largely dependant on you.

This is not a doomsday prophecy, although it is prophetic in nature. The revelation of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy, and His nature will be revealed. It has always been shared with His followers, but what’s coming next will completely extinguish what we think we know. God will unveil His Glory to and in those who are ready. The sick will be healed. The blind will see. Cripples will go running and jumping, and the dead will live. The Glory of God will manifest in man, and he will become fully, Spiritually alive. You will not have ‘church’ anymore.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to shelve your personal agenda? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? You’re going to find the only real comfort is in leaving it! God has a calling and a purpose for each and every one of us. What we need to do is HONESTLY seek it. No whitewashing or toning it down. No rationalizing it. We need to find it and actually DO it. We need to walk in the works prepared for us.

I don’t know what that looks like for you, but you will know it, when you find it (or it finds you!)

The truth of the matter is this; We are coming to the culmination of all things. Not just political reform, or even spiritual awakening. All things. Very soon there will be two very distinct groups of people on this earth. It’s not going to be a question of race or gender or nationality that sets us apart. It will be those who are walking in the will of God bringing light, and those who are desperately in need of that light. I don’t know how much time is left, but I do know that the lines are being drawn even now. The choice is ours, It’s yours and mine.

Can you feel it?

Are you ready?


On the threshold of the dream

It’s the wee hours of the morning, and what better time could there be for a midnight ramble, or to talk about dreams? Dreams are, after all, what fuels our lives, and we all have them. When we’re young, we dream of what we’ll do when we ‘grow up’ (yes, some of us are still waiting), and as adults we have dreams of achievement or success and recognition. Maybe you have a ‘dream-home’ or car that you can’t get out of your head.

And then there’s the dreams we all have at night. Oh yes you do, you just don’t remember them. It’s clinically proven that everyone dreams. In fact your mental health depends upon it. More often than not these can be the aimless excursions of an unfettered and unoccupied mind, but sometimes they have meanings. This site of course, frequently deals with the latter (Oh, THAT’S why it’s called ‘dreams&visions?!), and I truly believe in the prophetic nature of some dreams.

Having said all that, there’s still another dream. It’s the shared dream. It’s the dream or vision of a country, a city or perhaps your church. This type of dream has a unique quality in that the stronger the vision, and the more people who get behind it, the more likely it is to come to pass sooner than later.

I happen to live in the Detroit metropolitan area of Michigan. It’s well-known that this is one of the most economically hard-hit, high-crime areas in the country. Yet many, many people have a dream and a vision for this region. Many leaders both within and without the church have high expectations for a sweeping and radical change in the entire social landscape of this city.

And truthfully, it seems like a dream.

Recently, there was a gathering of christians from every walk and persuasion, to fast and pray for 24 hours at a 70,000 seat stadium known as Ford Field. I don’t know that there are any manifest changes in the city as of yet, but I do know that the stronger the vision, and the more people get behind it, the more likely it is to come to pass.

Change is coming.

The church, the body of Christ must also have a dream, and it must be the will (the dream, if you like) of God. Yes, God has a dream. It’s you and me, and all who will come, entering into a restored relationship with our Heavenly Father. We must share Gods dream, in fact, it must overshadow our own. There is a dream for a great harvest of souls for the kingdom, and of the greatest revival this world has ever known. Many Individuals have had prophetic dreams and visions pertaining to this, and many local churches share this common goal.

But it starts with you. It’s really about your dreams. Do we share the dreams of our leaders, our church, our God? Can we re-make the church and re-build our cities?

I can’t answer those questions for anyone but me, but I do know this; The stronger the dream, and the more people who get behind it, the more likely it is to come to pass.

What are your dreams?

Shadows running in the rain


The setting is a dark, wet night. I am in a gathering of hundreds of believers, and we are all standing outside in a steadily falling rain. Nearby is a large building or structure, but no one is going inside. Oddly, It seems to be a time of fellowship, and we are all standing clustered in groups of three to ten individuals.

Suddenly and without warning, shadowy faceless creatures appear, running on long bird-like legs out of the darkness. They seem to emanate from some unseen point in the distance, and as they pass between the groups of people, you can feel them spreading  fear and confusion.


This is really close to what I saw.

You can’t imagine my surprise when I found images online so close to the ones in my vision. The fact that other people have depicted similar creatures lends reality and confirmation to this vision. We need to take this seriously! I’ve decided to call these things ‘runners’, and I believe their purpose is to run ‘interference’ and spread fear and confusion in the body of Christ.

This is a warning, but it’s also good news because it prepares and equips us to defeat this type of spiritual opposition. Let’s take a look at some of the images in this vision and see what they might mean.

Our fellowship was taking place outside in the rain in spite of the fact that there was a building to go into. I believe that this building represents ‘church’ as we know it. Rather than go inside to ‘business as usual’, this group of believers are after nothing less than a complete restructuring, braving resistance and opposition (the darkness and rain) along the way. This is also the reason this group is being assaulted by the runners.

It’s also significant that this was a time of fellowship and NOT worship. Fear and confusion can not spread during a time of true worship, but they CAN spread during times of fellowship. This part is fairly clear; we need to guard our hearts, minds and most importantly, our tongues.

You could not tell where the runners where coming from. This is true. The real source is not this church or that organization, but in the spiritual realm. Pray for those operating out of fear. Pray they gain clarity of Gods purposes. And pray for the body you belong to, because an ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure.

This is important; DO NOT BE AFRAID! This warning is a blessing. God sends just such visions to prepare us for what’s coming, so we can check our armor and stand ready.

God Bess!

fire fall again

As we’ve seen before, fire is mentioned in the Bible over 300 times. Some fires are not so good, But there is a fire that’s very desirable. This one we need to seek with all our heart. It’s the one that consumes you from the Inside out, that burns in your heart and deep in your bones. You can’t containe it. Once you’ve felt it, you will know it Intimately, and you’ll never be the same. It’s what we need to bring with us to prayer and worship. It’s what we need to carry with us into the world wherever we go. We will not be able to move forward without it.

Most Americans easily live within a days drive from one of our largest cities. So let’s picture the following;

Imagine you’re looking over the nearest major city from a slightly elevated position. Perhaps one or two hundred feet. As you survey the city, you eventually find yourself looking over the entire metropolitan area. It’s a clear, beautiful night.

Suddenly you notice a small ball of fire coming straight down into the city. Soon there are a few more, and before long the sky fills with an exquisite show of brilliant fire falling like rain from the heavens. Some, though not all, of these fires ignite as they strike the ground, into luminous spheres of pure light. Some of the these globes begin to increase in size, until they look like miniature nuclear explosions, except they move gracefully, illuminating the cityscape with a soft and soothing glow.

If you followed the above images well, you will have noticed that all the falling fire did not light up into spheres on contact with the ground, nor did all of those expand to light up the cities into which they fell.

This, I believe, is because the fire needs a special place that will ignite. It needs a ready alter, one that is complete with a sacrifice, a poured out life, waiting to be consumed.

Even then it needs the nurturing presence of God abiding there to expand and fill it’s surroundings with heavens light.

This is the essence of the kingdom of God, spreading in His body of believers. It is the embodiment of the new church as it rises from the ashes of the old. It will require the passion and heart of the Bride of Christ. It is His fire that will fall, if our lives are a living sacrifice. It is revival.

birds as black as night and other stories…

Sometimes we need a warning, maybe a little nudge, to get us to consider the condition of the world around us. Maybe a reminder that God desires that all would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A call to open our eyes and see that the way that leads to destruction is very wide indeed… and that those around us need the light as much as we do.

I am standing at the edge of open fields where a great battle has been fought. The day is coming to an end as the light begins to fade towards a pale sunset. Overhead, flocks of crows, ravens and larger carrion birds, wheel and circle in the sky, all are as black as the coming night. As the sun sets, a chill breeze stirs, and I hear these words; Turn to God. Only He can save. Only He can shield you from this place and time you see before you. Turn to God and seek Him only.

Like Jonah, the ‘world’ is running as far away from God as it can get. It is running headlong to its own ruin. We need to extend Gods gift of forgiveness and grace to as many as we can, before their time runs out.

The enemy of your soul wants you to feel insignificant. Yet one person can talk to one other person about Gods grace, and that person can talk to ten. If they talk to only 5 each, that’s fifty. What if only one of the fifty talks to a thousand? And one of those ministers to millions? You have a part to play. God has a place for you in His plans. You are only ‘insignificant’ if you let the enemy convince you to do nothing.

Somewhere west of the Mississippi river, a man is standing in a freight yard consisting of mostly wooden buildings. It is sometime in the late 1800’s. He is wearing a black shirt and black pants, with a brown suede vest and a brown hat. As he waves a horse-drawn wagon into an open warehouse, he calls out, (rather surprisingly), ‘bring it back! Bring it back in. Bring back the ANOINTING!’

This country has had many ‘awakenings’ and revivals. Many took place in what we would now consider fairly rural settings. But they were real. They started out small, with a few people who had to have God in their lives, and spread.  It starts with people who are hungry enough for God to set everything else aside and pray and press in and seek His face. It starts with you and me. That’s the anointing we need to bring back in.

More stories coming soon…

Weapons of a warrior

Recently, I had a dream in which I saw a warrior, or more like a knight, in full armour. He was holding a bow and had a quiver full of arrows. He was being waited upon by a pair of squires, who took away his bow and arrows and instead placed a large sword into his hands. Here the dream ended.

A bow can be a most effective weapon. It has been the deciding factor in numbers of battles throughout history. But it is best employed when the enemy is still some distance away. As the enemy closes in, it becomes less proficient.

At close range, hand to hand, a sword is much more desirable. And the enemy is much closer than we think.

I believe there is something very proactive in the bow and arrows. It is a way to weaken or even halt an attack. Prayers for peace and protection before the conflict do more good than we probably realize. But once the enemy closes in, we need the sword, the living Word of God. (Eph. 6:17)

We need to pray and speak the word, but most importantly, we need to believe the word. Just reciting scripture will not win the fight. It has to be who and what we are. It has to be in us for the power to come out of us. Then the enemy is confronted by the authority of Christ and he flees.

We are at war, and we must be warriors. To do battle, we must put on our armor, pick up our shields, and take up our swords. It is the power of God in our hands.