Different Thinkers. World Changers.

I gotta reblog this because it’s true and I couldn’t say it any better myself!

Lost In Thought

In the short time I’ve lived, I have found myself inspired and drawn to the epic, abstract; the abnormal brilliance of different thinking.

Authors have best suited me if it they wrote about worlds that dazzled the mind. Creatures so strange, they were almost hard to think about. Ideas that land far from normal. Writers who are different thinkers tend to change the game. Tolkien and Lewis to name a couple.

There are more different thinkers than just authors though.

It’s hard for me not to admire those who dared to think something the vast majority refused to believe in at first. Innovators who refused to give up because they were thought to be crazy. Individuals who dared to believe in “impossibilities”.

– A world that wasn’t flat.

– An earth that orbited the sun, not vice versa.

– A Son of God who displayed a thinking that was the…

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Show yourself
Put down your gun
Reveal your soul
All the damage done
Whistle the wind
down the ally-way
Rustling the leaves
that cover your fate
Take off the masks
Every one you wear
The phantom colors
All the fragrant Aires
When the music plays
It breaks your heart
So many years
alone in the dark
Step into the light
Out of shadow and shame
Raising your eyes
to a horizon of change
Seeking the truth
The price has been paid
But the tempest still rages
and your plans are unmade
Till the music returns
like nails in the rain
and pierces your heart
With your own true name



I long to walk into the sunset,
keeping it ever before my eyes
But it leaves me chasing the twilight
Thus the sun will always treat me, until it ceases to shine

I look dreaming to the stars, untouched by my awestruck face
They will burn till the end of the heavens, unaware of the nights they held my gaze

I burn to be part of the music, that forever stirs my soul
To take flight with any instrument, to lands I’ve never known
But the music was beautiful without my song
And though I never played a note, the melodies will still play on long after the final  note 

These things are beyond holding onto
A substance beyond embrace
So onto God I reserve my worship
whom without it, would still remain unchanged
But with this shining exception
He sees and knows my spirit,
As He touches my upturned face

Embrace the wind


Like a flag on a hill
A banner in the sky
As the clouds rush away
But the grey backdrop stays
So the cheer goes up
And the song still remains
Onward and upward
Ever higher we climb
The roar of the ocean
In a rising tide
Exalting the moments
We sing for all time
Chasing the furies
That leave us behind
So caught in the love
For which we all strive
Everyone feels it
And everyone tries
longing to hold on
To this parcel of life
We reach out to Heaven
With the beauty within
And all we’ve been given
To embrace the wind

Let’s Pause For A Moment.

There has been quite a stir recently in ‘Christian’circles over what some individuals say, or more importantly, what others think they believe.
This shouldn’t even happen.
The world is watching.
And ‘Christians’ need to be praying about the real issues. Like the Slaughter of real Christians in the middle east.
Hundreds, maybe thousands are dying for their faith.

But I digress.
I thought I might reblog this, because, well, its true.
When you take love out of the equation, the ‘church’ is not a pretty sight. Kinda petty, actually….

Lost In Thought

I read all about Gungor when we decided to stone him internet style. Read both sides. We’re all freakin out again cause of an Olsteen remark on worship.

Forgive me, but…I’m not about to pick up my stone and join in.

The moment we start deciding we get to judge another human being because their Christianity doesn’t look just like ours, we enter dangerous territory, that can lead to some dark crap.

Love is our greatest gift, part of our beautiful inheritance. It’s a huge part of who we are in Christ. It’s our core. When we start with-holding that love from anyone, when we stop giving grace, we stop showing Jesus to the world.

We are not all knowing. We are not at all given the gift of life to jump down the throats of the Gungors or the Olsteens of the world.

Disagreement is not entitlement; a license…

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Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Part 1

I just had to reblog this. realizing that we (I) are/am part of the problem while reading this, I hope will be a first step towards the church Jesus intended us to be.

john pavlovitz


Being on the other side of the Exodus sucks, don’t it?

I see the panic on your face, Church.
I know the internal terror as you see the statistics and hear the stories and scan the exit polls.
I see you desperately scrambling to do damage control for the fence-sitters, and manufacture passion from the shrinking faithful, and I want to help you.

You may think you know why people are leaving you, but I’m not sure you do.

You think it’s because “the culture” is so lost, so perverse, so beyond help that they are all walking away.
You believe that they’ve turned a deaf ear to the voice of God; chasing money, and sex, and material things.
You think that the gays and the Muslims and the Atheists and the pop stars have so screwed-up the morality of the world, that everyone is abandoning faith in droves.

But those aren’t the reasons…

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