Solstice Carol


Reminiscences of Christmas
Under the palest winter sky
Painted in a watercolor sunset
Upon the clouds of another time

As the years have come together
And wrought our storied past
Through loss and love reliving
The shadows our memories now cast

But the spirit and the essence
Of the coming hallowed day
Can never be diminished
But in a million stars displayed

Through a score and two thousand
And a thousand more, perhaps
The beauty is in the telling
Of that which shall ever last

So to this reflective evening
And to this holiest of days
We submit all our deepest dreaming
To the light of Christmas day

Knowing that this is forever
Held in a sacred place
Deep within our heart of hearts
Where eternity is embraced


The palest ghost of You


Stars sweep past
the ever circling night
Spreading thick, like diamond dust, drifting,
seeming to settle on the trees
Moonlit wisps of cloud
Like thin veils of white,
Enfold the sky in a nocturne of light chasing shadow
And I breathe you in
keeping time with my being
to this symphony of life,
but still knowing there’s more,
And this, a dim reflection,
like the distant refrain of the heavens,
or the chorus of all eternity
in beauty unconstrained,
like far off chimes of glass
carried upon the wind
But only remembered in a dream
Or the faintest aroma
of a million blossoms opening at the first light of
Speaking to me,
telling me all that could ever be heard
And all that will ever be told
is only the palest ghost
of  You
the faintest note of Your song
only the lightest tremor
of Your heart
and all it longs to share

Heart of Worship

There is something that goes much deeper than singing a few songs about the Lord. Not that songs about the Lord aren’t good. There is no higher use of music than worship. But we need to push past the songs. What if there was no music? Could you still worship? Jesus said that the Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. That can and should be our lifestyle.

We are in a place, and drawing near a time, of great significance. The Intensity grows stronger with each passing day, and the stronger it gets, the harder it seems to put into words.

How do we find the heart of worship? The place we should be is a place where we are so overwhelmed by the presence of God, that everything else becomes unimportant. It’s not so much about what we do, as it is about who He is. Where what we feel in our spirits outweighs all of our physical senses. This is the place of transformation. This is how God changes us into the people He Intends for us to become. This is where we need to be, living in Intimacy and with expectancy, more and more often as we grow in faith.

What is the heart of worship? We sometimes feel we’ve touched it, but the journey continues. I believe it always will, right into eternity. God is eternal, and He will forever reveal new facets and reasons to worship Him, and joy overflows in the quest! Could it be any other way?