Wastelands of White (Christmas Ghost III)

Wastelands of White
(Christmas Ghost III)

Long time gone
And world’s away
We embraced the Stars
In the beauty and light
Of ages passed
And memories of gold
And watched a world
Transformed by good

But the road grew dark
Though a thousand nights
And wandered far
From the stories once told
Tales full of wonder
Alive with the truth
Now hard to remember
Like so many faces
lost in the crowd
Traditions in fragments
Shrouded by fog
Pieces of stained glass
Lying upon the ground

This is the ghost
Come in from the storm
White as the snow
From which it was made
Looking for something
That has become lost
Amidst frozen horizons
And wastelands of white
Where once there was warmth
And wealth of Spirit
When the heavenly realms
Drew near our homes

Waiting in silence
For the joy to begin
To again hear Angels
Sing upon the wind
And the extraordinary color
Of myriads of lights
Peace and forgiveness
Good Will towards all
At this time of all Times
To rekindle the fires
Upon the hearth
In this season of seasons
On this holiest of nights


No longer


No longer seeking judgment
No longer seeking fame
No more looking for satisfaction
Or vying for personal gain
No longer seeking advancement or longing to be in command
Not waiting for winds of fortune to smile on the best laid plans

All life is simply waiting
for hope in place of need
For peace instead of suffering
Gratitude in place of greed
For someone to be of service
And to speak the words that heal
Giving away each day by day
as if each day were free
No longer seeking the comfort that others so desperately need
but sharing the time that’s left in our lives
to see the world redeemed



We were meant to live in wholeness
But this world keeps coming apart
Life is not what it should be
You feel the ache in every heart
Sometimes it seems conflicted
Trying to live with hope each day
Dear God help us to remember
The reason that You came
To heal the broken heared
And to comfort those who mourn
So I bring a contrite spirit
As I cry out for the torn
The bleeding and the shattered
To somehow be restored
Scoop up lifes scattered pieces
And place them in your hands
To bring the broken together
In the wounded Son of man




Dreams radiant with colors
Hope dressed in seasonal desire
Each passing day, flush with fruition
And every plan carefully laid
The myriads of all the precious things
That push the real gifts far away
Yet somewhere there is a deep longing
An inescapable ache
Like looking at beautiful reflections
On the surface of a lake
All the while knowing it’s so shallow
That there’s nothing underneath
And so the glimmer of all we make
And all that we must have
Will never fill the void
Or bring the peace we crave
Seeking salvation for the season
And for the coming year
Lies in an acquaintance with deeper waters
And a life designed by giving
For more than just a day



I came to the desert
To leave the shadows I’ve known
To follow the wind
And to be alone
I came to this place
To look for my soul
To learn the secrets of silence
That have never been told
And its here in this place
Away from myself
That the truth comes closer
Then anywhere else
And here it’s revealed
It’s here that I know
The fabric of time
And the essence of hope


It’s 2:00 A.M. and I’m awake (as usual), and I find myself reflecting on the events, the happenings, if you will, that have brought me to this place and time. Many a strange twist and turn, you can be sure, has been employed by both life itself and the creator of it, to put me where I am now. And where exactly, is this? To be honest, I’m not quite sure.

I could wax piously about Abraham heading out and not knowing where he was going, or Noah building a boat without ever having seen rain, but I’m not going there. Not this time. Those are awesome examples for us, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now. No, what I want to talk about is the labyrinth.

Allow me a little abstraction, if you will; we are creatures of time. Yes we occupy space (some of us occupy too much of it!), but what shapes us and pushes us forward is time. Just think about it for a minute. The future rushes by you, and in milliseconds becomes the irretrievable past. Kinda spooky isn’t it? What we call the present really doesn’t amount to much in this respect. It really affects the choices we make.

I believe God created time for this very reason. Time is what takes your life, in all its wanderings, and weaves it all together (or ties it in knots!) with other lives and people and places. Time shrouds the future in mysterious turns yet to be taken, and it obscures the distant past. Time is the labyrinth of life. It is also the crucible of faith.

Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder? Has this maze of life and time made you feel a little nervous or hunted even? Have you stumbled in the dark? maybe more than once? Taken more than a few hits? There is something lurking here.

It is fear, doubt, anxiety and worry. It is a thousand little ‘what ifs’. It is the cares of this world, and the lusts of the flesh. And they will combine one with another, and rise up to become the monster of the maze. We can not let this overcome us, or we will cower in a corner somewhere, afraid to move. This is what the enemy of your soul wants to see happen to you.

But, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Even when we can’t see where we’re going, we can be at peace knowing God is there. What kinds of things do you hope for? They have substance when you apply faith. There is evidence of their existence, even though you can’t see them yet. Without faith it is Impossible to please God. He wants you to have faith. Just like Abraham and Noah, He wants you to trust Him. That’s at least one of the reasons He created time. So that you could have faith, even in the labyrinth. God Bless your steps, as you walk out this mysterious maze, in Jesus Name, Amen!



Ever watch a comedian fall flat? It seems like the punch lines just don’t land where they should. Or how about a live band that just isn’t ‘tight’? You know where I’m going with this, right? It’s timing of course. And we’re all subject to it. Think about your average day. Or how about when you were in the right place, but at the wrong time? There’s a rhythm to life, both physically and spiritually. Which brings us to Gods’ timing, and His timing is pretty much everything. Part of human nature is to want to get up, get out and get going. To be Idle is to feel useless. But  let’s think about this for a minute; God has a purpose for your life. He has plans for you, to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future. No, He’s not going to do everything for us, but we need to be sensitive to his TIMING. Go when and where He says to go. Stay when and where He tells you to stay. And this is something I’m STILL learning! But hey, If you are really following Jesus, then you are still learning too. You always will be. But we are also called to lead. All Christians are leaders (that’s a subject for another blog…). We need to rise up, and show the world where It’s at. We need to be excited. We need to be passionate. But we also need to be aware of Gods’ timing. There is a movement of God coming that is going to completely blow our minds. We need to be ready to move when and where He says. We need to be on the same page at the same time. In our daily activities, at church, or at our jobs, there’s a bigger picture. Listen for it. Look for it. Are you ready?