Have you seen me?

In the night, in the dark
By the streetlamps, abandoned cars

We have spoken

In the allys, in the streets
In vacant desert lots

Did you hear my voice?

In the distance, on the wind
In the sun, the pouring rain

Or feel me touch your hands?

Pray for summer in the blizzard
For Warmth in the dead of winter

I offer understanding
Consolation reimagined
Meaning redirected
Purpose wrapped in life

Have you given away your reason?
Your substance or your time

Everything has its season
It’s reason and it’s rhyme

Can you read the message?
Written on your walls
Answering the call

Do you feel the expectation?

creation is still waiting
For the moment, for the day

That you find the way

catch a glimpse of meaning
And step into the light




Dreaming dreams that drive you
Some will give you wings
Some will redefine you
But they all will make you bleed

Some come as a blessing
Others more like a curse
Nothing will come between you
In Heaven or on earth

Until it unfolds in glory
Like a burst of radiant light
Or  dismantles your ambitions
A gift that’s wrapped too tight

Some dreams become obsessions
and mislead you on the way
leaving your heart empty
while consuming all your days

So choose your dreams most wisely
live mindful of the time
Or the end will surely find you
with no one at your side

Look rather to the heavens
the larger frame of life
There is a bigger picture
And your dreams must fit inside

All together alone


Here we are all together
Together yet all alone
Not knowing the pain each one suffers
Or the fears we must disown
We sit quite close to each other
Yet we’re never close enough
Looking across one to another
Over a void we never pass
And we wonder about each other
The things we never ask
We can not build a future together
Without learning about our past
We were told to love one another
So we try to love those we don’t know
To some of us this seems easier
Than living life transparent and exposed
To truly embrace our brothers
As the Lord had clearly shown
We must open our hearts to each other
To be loved and to be known

what WOULD Jesus do?

It May be time to put away the cute bracelets, and peel off the bumper stickers. We, as Christians, have been saying this for years, but have we actually considered what we’re talking about?

What do most of us do when we see a crippled person or a blind man?

Have you  ever Interrupted a funeral  and brought the dead back to life?

It’s time to start healing the sick. It’s time to start raising the dead.

That’s what Jesus would do. That’s the answer to the question we’ve been asking.

We are the living temple of God, and It’s time to overturn the tables of the money changers, and clean house. It’s been said we need to count the cost, but do we?

We need to pray about this like never before. It’s time to seek the face of Jesus Christ, and climb inside His will for our  lives. He has a calling on you and I. There is a purpose for each and every life. Will you walk in that purpose? He is waiting eagerly for you to respond to Him. Pray. Press in. Seek His face, and look into His eyes of fire. He is asking you to lay EVERYTHING down at His feet. Both the things you hold dear, and the things you are ashamed of, and everything in between. Lay it all down. Contend for this. Strive for this. What He has for you is so much more than you could ever imagine.

Jesus has a question for you; What will YOU do?

It is time for the true church to rise up, count the cost, and pour ourselves out. If we do, the lame will walk. The dead will live.


There are basically two kinds of people in the world. Those that make a room come alive when they walk into it, and then, there’s the rest of us. Let that simmer in your mind for a minute.

“A thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I came to give life-life in all its fullness.” John 10:10 (ncv) What effect do you think Jesus had on the atmosphere any time He showed up? By way of comparison, what kind of effect do I have?

As a follower of Christ I am supposed to exhibit Christ-like qualities, and Jesus came to give life. He said so. And not just being barely alive, but life in all its fullness. Is my life conducive to life? Or am I a thief? A thief, you see, comes along and steals, kills and destroys.

If  ‘ …The joy of the Lord is your strength!’ Neh 8:10 (nlt), and I steal, kill and destroy your joy, then I am most certainly a thief of the worst kind.

Have you ever walked into a room and ‘felt the love’? I’m not being facetious here. When you get a place full of believers who actually care about others, It’s amazing. 

So, what kind of life am I living? Am I more concerned with the welfare of others than I am with my own Issues? When I ask someone how they’re doing, do I actually listen to their response? Do I pray for others more than I pray for myself? Do I have a passion to see everyone I meet receive life in all its fullness?


These are the true keys to real happiness. Bringing it to others is the only way to find ‘yourself’. I may never ‘light up the room’ with my presence, but I can move in that direction. We are to be the bearers of jesus’ light and life. I need to carry that with me wherever I go. If I do not then the Implication is that I might become a thief, someone out to steal your joy.