Wastelands of White (Christmas Ghost III)

Wastelands of White
(Christmas Ghost III)

Long time gone
And world’s away
We embraced the Stars
In the beauty and light
Of ages passed
And memories of gold
And watched a world
Transformed by good

But the road grew dark
Though a thousand nights
And wandered far
From the stories once told
Tales full of wonder
Alive with the truth
Now hard to remember
Like so many faces
lost in the crowd
Traditions in fragments
Shrouded by fog
Pieces of stained glass
Lying upon the ground

This is the ghost
Come in from the storm
White as the snow
From which it was made
Looking for something
That has become lost
Amidst frozen horizons
And wastelands of white
Where once there was warmth
And wealth of Spirit
When the heavenly realms
Drew near our homes

Waiting in silence
For the joy to begin
To again hear Angels
Sing upon the wind
And the extraordinary color
Of myriads of lights
Peace and forgiveness
Good Will towards all
At this time of all Times
To rekindle the fires
Upon the hearth
In this season of seasons
On this holiest of nights


Solstice Carol


Reminiscences of Christmas
Under the palest winter sky
Painted in a watercolor sunset
Upon the clouds of another time

As the years have come together
And wrought our storied past
Through loss and love reliving
The shadows our memories now cast

But the spirit and the essence
Of the coming hallowed day
Can never be diminished
But in a million stars displayed

Through a score and two thousand
And a thousand more, perhaps
The beauty is in the telling
Of that which shall ever last

So to this reflective evening
And to this holiest of days
We submit all our deepest dreaming
To the light of Christmas day

Knowing that this is forever
Held in a sacred place
Deep within our heart of hearts
Where eternity is embraced

Hunters Moon


The halo shines brightly
Through the crystal air
In a soft fold of darkness
That cradles all the stars

Slender wisps of cloud
in this oasis of sky
Only dimly reflecting
Distant seas of city light

Trees in quiet homage
cast away their crowns
Autumns gift of glory
Now slowly raining down

Upon this seeming island
The circle of the night
in a ring of  branches
Illuminates the sky

So slowly ever rising
This harbinger of time
Ushers in my season
Of heart and soul and mind

Close down the night


Close down the night
Shutter all the windows
Draw the curtains tightly
Dressed up all in white

Walk through the halls
down the candle lit ways
Away from the din
The clamour and the calling

Breathing in the silence
While peace may yet be found
Where solace is remembered
And the past has been released

Search the rooms of winter
as the dawn slowly alights
Gathering the moments
Of seasons that have splintered

Stand within the hours
awash with mornings glow
As destiny lies Waiting
along this undiscovered shore

Down in the Valley

It’s a little hazy down there. It’s a little hard to pick out much detail. The view from up here is lovely, but it’s a little Indistinct.

Have you ever been to the mountains? It doesn’t really matter which ones. It’s something you’ll never forget. You feel like you can see forever. When you’re up on a mountain you are able to see literally for miles and miles and miles! But the higher up you go, the less detail you are going to be able to see below. If you really want to know what’s down in the valley, you’re going to have to go down into the valley to find out. There’s also this; what goes up, must come down.

I’ve crossed quite a few mountain ranges in my life. And for a time, many years ago, I lived in Hollywood California. Nothing was better than a hike up into the Hollywood ‘hills’ and Griffith Park. When you got to the top, LA was on one side and the Burbank valley was on the other. I loved to stay and watch the sun set over LA. At the end of the day, though, I always knew I’d have to hike back down in the dark.

Every mountain top experience is preceded, and followed, by a trip into the valley. You really don’t know what’s going to be in the next valley until you get there. You glean as much as you can while you’re on the mountain, but as we’ve all seen, the reality is waiting for you at the bottom.

A hike up a mountain is usually a glorious one day trip, but you never know how long you might have to stay in the valley. It could be for only a day. More than likely, it will be much longer. It’s not the length of time that matters though. It’s what you do with it. If you spend your days pining away, thinking about how wonderful it was on the last mountain, you won’t be very effective where you are now.

Truth be known, we spend most of our time in the valley. No it’s not because you messed up on the last mountain. It’s because this is where you’re needed. We need to bring the beauty, strength, vision and Glory down with us. We need to shine the light from on high down into the lowest places. That’s why you were on the mountain in the first place. It wasn’t to give you goose-bumps. It was so you could be a carrier of all that you were given. That you, in return, would become the giver.

Some of us, maybe most of us, are in our own ‘valley’ of sorts right now. I know I am. Let’s make the most of our time here. You may have an encounter with God on the mountain, but you will best serve Him in the valley.


God gives parents to lead the way through life.  He grants them wisdom and direction. Children who give them their heart  and stay close receive divine protection, blessings and a long life for  their obedience and honor. Photo by Taylor
    Sometimes, It’s the simplest things in life that take you completely by surprise. An amazing sunrise that just blows away your sleepiness. A cool breeze carrying the scent of rain. The sight of a friend you thought you’d forgotten. A family of geese swimming together…
   This photo was posted on Facebook by some dear friends of mine, and I’ve thought about it off and on all day.
    The Image is so God! His truth SO embodies His creation, that we see His design everywhere we look. From the shape of a snowflake, to the colors of a rainbow, or in the behavior of geese on a pond, swimming into rays of light.
    The caption under the photo is theirs’ and it’s quite true. These geese are instinctively doing that which we should Intentionally be doing. Leading our young Into the Light.
    And not just our physical children, but our Spiritual children as well. Those whom God has called us to encourage and teach and guide. All Christians are leaders, whether we realize it or not. Let’s seek the wisdom and direction God has for us to lead the next generation Into His Light. Amen?
Thanks to Debbye and Taylor for posting the pic, You guys Rock!