Have you seen me?

In the night, in the dark
By the streetlamps, abandoned cars

We have spoken

In the allys, in the streets
In vacant desert lots

Did you hear my voice?

In the distance, on the wind
In the sun, the pouring rain

Or feel me touch your hands?

Pray for summer in the blizzard
For Warmth in the dead of winter

I offer understanding
Consolation reimagined
Meaning redirected
Purpose wrapped in life

Have you given away your reason?
Your substance or your time

Everything has its season
It’s reason and it’s rhyme

Can you read the message?
Written on your walls
Answering the call

Do you feel the expectation?

creation is still waiting
For the moment, for the day

That you find the way

catch a glimpse of meaning
And step into the light




Feel the stillness of the hours
The fragrance of times ago
Twilit memories
Filled with dreams
Floating gently on the wind
Lost longings
For longings lost
Like a sunset through the trees
painted in watercolor
over another scene
Or the slowly circling mists
That open softly on the moon
Tinged often with regret
That all was left far too soon
Never again to wander
Upon these hallowed paths
Down towards the water
To embrace the sea at last
gazing at the night
With one last loving glance
To fall amidst the waves
And press the sands of time
Forever into daydreams
Upon these silent shores



I long to walk into the sunset,
keeping it ever before my eyes
But it leaves me chasing the twilight
Thus the sun will always treat me, until it ceases to shine

I look dreaming to the stars, untouched by my awestruck face
They will burn till the end of the heavens, unaware of the nights they held my gaze

I burn to be part of the music, that forever stirs my soul
To take flight with any instrument, to lands I’ve never known
But the music was beautiful without my song
And though I never played a note, the melodies will still play on long after the final  note 

These things are beyond holding onto
A substance beyond embrace
So onto God I reserve my worship
whom without it, would still remain unchanged
But with this shining exception
He sees and knows my spirit,
As He touches my upturned face

Hunters Moon


The halo shines brightly
Through the crystal air
In a soft fold of darkness
That cradles all the stars

Slender wisps of cloud
in this oasis of sky
Only dimly reflecting
Distant seas of city light

Trees in quiet homage
cast away their crowns
Autumns gift of glory
Now slowly raining down

Upon this seeming island
The circle of the night
in a ring of  branches
Illuminates the sky

So slowly ever rising
This harbinger of time
Ushers in my season
Of heart and soul and mind


It’s 2:00 A.M. and I’m awake (as usual), and I find myself reflecting on the events, the happenings, if you will, that have brought me to this place and time. Many a strange twist and turn, you can be sure, has been employed by both life itself and the creator of it, to put me where I am now. And where exactly, is this? To be honest, I’m not quite sure.

I could wax piously about Abraham heading out and not knowing where he was going, or Noah building a boat without ever having seen rain, but I’m not going there. Not this time. Those are awesome examples for us, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now. No, what I want to talk about is the labyrinth.

Allow me a little abstraction, if you will; we are creatures of time. Yes we occupy space (some of us occupy too much of it!), but what shapes us and pushes us forward is time. Just think about it for a minute. The future rushes by you, and in milliseconds becomes the irretrievable past. Kinda spooky isn’t it? What we call the present really doesn’t amount to much in this respect. It really affects the choices we make.

I believe God created time for this very reason. Time is what takes your life, in all its wanderings, and weaves it all together (or ties it in knots!) with other lives and people and places. Time shrouds the future in mysterious turns yet to be taken, and it obscures the distant past. Time is the labyrinth of life. It is also the crucible of faith.

Do you find yourself looking over your shoulder? Has this maze of life and time made you feel a little nervous or hunted even? Have you stumbled in the dark? maybe more than once? Taken more than a few hits? There is something lurking here.

It is fear, doubt, anxiety and worry. It is a thousand little ‘what ifs’. It is the cares of this world, and the lusts of the flesh. And they will combine one with another, and rise up to become the monster of the maze. We can not let this overcome us, or we will cower in a corner somewhere, afraid to move. This is what the enemy of your soul wants to see happen to you.

But, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Even when we can’t see where we’re going, we can be at peace knowing God is there. What kinds of things do you hope for? They have substance when you apply faith. There is evidence of their existence, even though you can’t see them yet. Without faith it is Impossible to please God. He wants you to have faith. Just like Abraham and Noah, He wants you to trust Him. That’s at least one of the reasons He created time. So that you could have faith, even in the labyrinth. God Bless your steps, as you walk out this mysterious maze, in Jesus Name, Amen!



Today is a day of grace. As a matter of fact, If you’re reading this, It is by grace. 5 days grace actually, but that’s not the main focus here.

Grace has been given to every one of us. God is full of grace, and He extends it to you and me unconditionally. But is it unlimited?

Over this past weekend, the latest ‘end of the world’ barely held our attention. Most people and especially Christians treated it like a joke,and to the extent that It flew in the face of scripture, that should be expected. There is, however, an end coming, and that’s a sobering thought. Time will eventually run out. We are not yet living in eternity, and all things temporal WILL pass away. Like it or not, we are all on a time-table and the kicker is, we don’t really know when ‘time’s up!’ do we? And It’s not just the ‘end of the world’ I’m referring to. Sorry to say it, but we’re all gonna die sooner or later.

So how much grace do we have? How long do you have to pray Into someones’ life before THEY run out of time?  Or talk to them about the Lord? What has God called you to do in life? Do you know? Procrastination is not one of the gifts of the Spirit! There is a timing to everything (see my blog on timing!). The book of Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for every purpose under Heaven. God has prepared good works for you and I to ‘walk’ in from the foundations of the world. What Has God called you to do? What has He called me to do?

Grace and time are Interwoven. There is a TIME for every purpose under Heaven. Grace is unconditional. But how long do you and I have before time runs out? Let’s seek Gods’ face in order to know His heart for our lives. Let’s do it before it’s too late. Amen?